RVLT Surf & Paddle has been producing between 8-10 events each summer season for 11 consecutive years. This year seemed to have been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding seasons to date.

Competing surf events have continually stepped on RSSS dates & even targeted their locations over the summer. While there was some shuffling of dates & locations & even a postponement of the final RSSS – Battle At Beachfest… it seemed to work out in favor of the surfers and the RSSS event each time. Big turnouts, great weather & perfect contest waves seem to be the norm this season.

The rescheduled final RSSS event #4 at The Ocean Beach Pier on Oct 28 was no exception. Athletes traveled from around the globe to compete in this final event of the 2017 season. Surfers representing Brazil, Peru, Guam & Japan showed up to challenge the best that Southern California has to offer.

Top surfers in the Pro Am division included Jay Christensen, Austin Finley, Taishi Kume, Gustavo Araujo & Gentry Gard – all were competing for overall points champion & were surfing at a higher level the entire day – the final heats saw some of the best surfing of the entire season.

Austin Finley (son of All-Star, World Series Champion – Steve Finley) took hold of the Pro Am division early & continued surfing strong the entire day. All heats saw solid surfing, big airs & plenty of action in the consistent surf. The final heat of the day included Finley, Christensen, Araujo & Gard surfing in fair 2-4 foot conditions. Many hundreds were on hand cheering from the beach, boardwalk and Ocean Beach Pier. As the SW swell gave way to a NW swell in the late afternoon, all four riders continued punting massive airs, firing down the line & tucking into an occasional tube to the delight of the many spectators. While Gustavo Araujo took the daily win – Finley won the overall points Championship Title over Jay Christensen with a difference of only 12 points. Undoubtedly the closest & most dramatic finish seen in 11 years. The athletes split the cash purse & Austin took home a Winter Season Pass to Big Bear Mt Resorts. Jay Christensen took the daily win in the Men’s 18+ Open while Gustavo claimed Overall Season Points Champion and a sweet portable BULLFROG Jump sound system courtesy of Kicker Audio.
Maddie Garlough won the daily, while Rachael Breitner took the season win in the Women’s Pro Am division – Rachel took home a Winter Season Pass to Big Bear for her efforts.

Outstanding performances all around in the Jr. Men & Jr. Boys division with Steven Muschett, Graham New & Ari Engel stacked up against Riley Morgan who won Overall Points and a brand new Xterra Surf Wetsuit.

HUGE SHOUT TO ALL OUR 2017 SPONSORS!!! Hodad’s (Presenting Sponsor) Kicker Audio, Rock and Roll San Diego, XTERRA Surf, Snow Summit & Big Bear Mountain Resorts, KAABOO Del Mar, Liquid Foundation, Julie Design, EKZO, Bio 2 Organic, AWOL Productions, Space Jam Juice, Petersen Dean Solar 4 America, Viva La Vacay, Inn At Sunset Cliffs


Men’s Pro/Am

1st – Gustavo Araujo

2nd – Austin Finley – Overall Points Winner – Season Pass Bear MTN/Snow Summit

3rd – Jay Christenson

4th – Gentry Gard

Women’s Pro/Am

1st – Maddie Garlough

2nd – Kirra Silver

3rd – Rachel Breitner – Overall Points Winner – Season Pass Bear MTN/Snow Summit

4th – Amanda Moland

Men’s Open 18+

1st – Jay Christenson

2nd – Gustavo Araujo – Overall Points Winner – Kicker Audio Bullfrog

3rd – JD Lewis

Women’s Open 18+

Kirra Silver – Overall Points Winner – Kicker Audio Bullfrog

Men’s Master’s 40+

1st – Nik Wilkenson – Overall Points Winner – Kicker Audio Amphitheatre

2nd – Charlie Rick

3rd – Memo Mendez

Men’s Longboard

1st – Nate Strom

2nd – William Slattery

3rd – Nick Isabella – Overall Points Winner – Kicker Audio Wireless Headphones
Women’s Longboard

1st – Lauren Canavan

2nd – Rachel Breitner

3rd – Alizee Hazan

4th – Pearl Moore – Overall Points Winner – Xterra Surf Wetsuite
Jr Men’s 17-15

1st – Steven Muschett

2nd – Graham New

3rd – Ari Engel

4th – Riley Morgan – Overall Points Winner – Xterra Surf Wetsuit
Jr Boys 14-13

1st – Ari Engel – Overall Points Winner – Kicker Audio Waterproof Speaker

2nd – Alex Cockrell

3rd – Evan Gallen

Grom Boys

1st – Kai Anderson

2nd – Elai Hanwit – Overall Points Winner – Kicker Audio Waterproof Speaker

3rd – Lewis Aberie

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