MECCA II is the highly anticipated, second installment of the underground surf film, MECCA. Created by local film maker, B.J. Johnson, the raw energy of Mecca II is undeniable.

Led by local high performance surfers and RSSS competitors including; Austin Ware, Cory Lopez, Ricky Whitlock, David Suhadolnik, Hunter Lysaught, Jeff Lukasik, Nate Yeomans, Torrey Meister, JD Lewis and Ryland Rubens.

We recently caught up with the man behind the lens, The Infamous B.J. Johnson, at our recent RSSS After Party at Thrusters Lounge in Pacific beach

REVOLT: Hey B.J. Thanks for taking the time to talk. We have your trailer looping on the flatscreens all night. Bad Ass. To say the least. You wanna fill us in on the Mecca II and the Premiere? Let’s do a little Q & A.

REVOLT: Is there a theme?

BJ: Basically, the theme is to showcase a broad variety of talent ranging from So Cal’s wonder-grom Ryland Rubens (14), to a surf video icon Cory Lopez (37), and everyone in between. This film was shot throughout a one year span with most, with an exception to (Torrey Meister and Cory Lopez). I will admit, it was an awesome year of filming. In general, MECCA is a movement, not just a film.

REVOLT: What locations will we see Mecca II?

BJ: La Paloma Theater in Encinitas July, 30th 2014, and possibly the Wavehouse in Mission Beach.

REVOLT: of the riders featured in both – who’s style has advanced the most?

BJ: my computer.

REVOLT: what kind of gear did you use? Compared to the first?

BJ: I used a Canon DSLR, with a good zoom lens. MECCA I was filmed with a Canon XL2 20X lens mini DV Video Camera. This camera was the go-to from 2001-2005. Still an awesome camera to have in the bag, if you can remember how to use it.

REVOLT: is the gas mask guy gonna make an appearance in MECCA II?

BJ: Bishop is his name, and yes he is. But, only fragments compared to the first film. The surfers have taken the roll of creating their own skits and awkwardness for everyone to enjoy. Also, I’ve recently joined forces with an amazing cinematographer named Riley Mundia from San Clemente, who has made this film that much better! You’re the man Riley!

REVOLT: Who else is behind MECCA II?

BJ: My Mom and Dad love the concept. There is no one behind MECCA II, just the surfers and I. It’s a raw do-it-yourself film, paired with an awesome soundtrack! Check it out.

REVOLT: Any shout-outs to friends or sponsors?

BJ: I’d like to thank Hoven for presenting my film. Hansen and Avasin surfboards. Rusty and billabong. All the surfers who believed in me and put up with my hard headed-ness. And especially my Mom and Dad for never doubting me when I put my mind to something.